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Safety Is Our Strong Suit


The GFS team completed the OSHA 30-Hour construction training and CPR training this past month. Our team updated our knowledge of the OSHA safety standards for job site safety. The course teaches how to identify, predict and avoid hazards in the workplace. Knowledge of safety procedures and standards is critical for every project to be completed safely. We are proud to educate our supervisors and construction workers of every level in the 2019 OSHA safety standards.

Some of our top team members renewing their knowledge included:

Adam Compton

Jordan Howlett

Damon Payne

2019 CPR Training

Our team also updated CPR training for the 2019 standard and had a great time doing it! CPR, or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an emergency lifesaving procedure performed when the heart stops beating. Immediate CPR can double or triple the chances of survival after cardiac arrest. GFS always prioritizes the safety of all team members on the job. We’re here to get the job done without any injuries.

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