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Scafoam Shoring

Scafoam heavy duty shoring has one of the highest load capacities without needing a crane for assembly. Each leg has a max load of 60,000 lbs for towers up to 40 feet high. This shoring system is optimized for very heavy loads and often used for reshoring. Scafoam is excellent for reshoring projects that need immediate attention like collapsed buildings or bridges.

Below you will see our SPS 60 Scafoam Shoring and accessories.

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Scafoam Shoring Systems

Scafoam Shoring Systems like the SPS 60 are ideal for heavy load shoring applications with safe working loads up to 30 tons. The max load per leg is 60,000 lbs for towers up to 40 feet. Scafoam shoring systems use only a few components and is easily adaptable to any shoring application needed. 

Adjustable Heights

Heads Compatible with other Shoring

Adjustable Base Plates

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  • Safe working loads of up to 30 tons.

  • Maximum Load per leg is 60,000 lbs for towers up to 40 feet 

  • Loading capacity of up to 108 kN

  • Can be assembled without a crane

  • Post and Frame dimensions are metric

  • Uses few components

  • Adjustable heights

  • Heads compatible with other shoring

  • Available for rental, delivery or pickup

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The Full Details

The SPS 60 Scafoam Shoring system is optimized for heavy-duty shoring applications. it has simple assembly on the ground and by crane. It has very few components that are virtually indestructible. Safe working loads of 30 tons per standard can be achieved, making SPS the right choice for even the toughest shoring application. The SPS 60 Scafoam Shoring System can be used as single towers and inbird cage construction. The SPS 60 has strong durable base and head spindles with stiff baseplates for load transfer.

Available for rental. Equipment is available to be delivered to a work site or picked up from the GFS warehouses at all of our branches. Click below to contact us.

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