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Bridge Decks

A bridge deck is the surface of the bridge that will serve as a roadway for vehicles, bikes, or pedestrians. To guarantee safety for traffic, these decks must be sturdy enough to withstand constant pressure.


Below you will see our Bridge Deck BORG System


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 BORG Hanger system

The BORG adjustable joist hanger system can be implemented in nearly any elevated concrete slab forming project. It is applicable to most form configurations, including high haunch conditions and reshoring projects. The BORG adjustable joist hanger system accommodates all common joist sizes. The system easily adapts to varying haunch conditions. By varying joists sizes and spacing, spans of exceptional depth and width can be formed without costly, time consuming undershoring.

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View BORG hangers, brackets, and beams

BORG hangers, brackets, and beams

  • ​BORG System- An innovative system with endless applications

  • The BORG adjustable joist hanger system is ideal for repetitious slab forming in:

    • Bridges

    • Tunnels

    • Parking ramps

    • Commercial buildings

    • New & rehab construction

    • Box culverts

    • Elevator shaft caps

    • Waste water containments

    • Grain transfer pits

    • and more!

  • Spanall Beams​

    •  Adjusts to different lengths

    •  Greater load capacity than wood

    •  Provided camber for increased load

    •  Eye bolt provided a positive lock

    •  Can be supported off concrete walls

  • Bridge Overhang Bracket
    ​The size and shape of a Bridge Overhang Bracket is adjusted by changing the vertical and diagonal legs to meet the specific overhang requirements. Brackets can be preset on the ground, then moved into position, to speed forming operations.

  • Available for rental, delivery or pickup

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