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About Us

Godwin Formwork Solutions
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide reliable, outstanding quality formwork and shoring to make lasting customers. We want to be the best decision you’ve ever made. At GFS we believe that there is ALWAYS time to get it RIGHT!

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Honesty & Integrity

GFS always works to be the most transparent and fair company in the business. We work to provide the most accurate information possible to help your project succeed.



We believe a key aspect of the construction industry is trust; we want our clients to rely on us no matter what. A call from a client at any time of day or night is a call to action for our team.

Mutual Sucess

At GFS, we want all customers and partners to succeed. Our goal in any project is the same as our clients and partners – to successfully build and create something new. We succeed when we help you succeed.

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History of GFS

Godwin Formwork Solutions was started in 2010 in Oklahoma City. It was founded by Chad Godwin with the mission of being a fair, honest and quality provider of construction materials.


Honesty and reliability are key to completing large projects and that's what GFS maintains at its core. 


Meet the Team

Corporate Support

Wesley Chancellor

Supply Chain Logistics Manager

Asa Draney



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