Formwork Renovation

Professional Formwork Refurbishment and Renovation.

Godwin Formwork Solutions offers professional repair, renovation and complete overhaul of used formwork systems. Our renovation process includes plywood removal, shot-blasting, straightening and welding, painting and re-plying. 

Once completed we ship your formwork back to you, so you can put it to work again.

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  • Plywood Removal 

    Our formwork renovation starts with stripping off the old plywood and removing it from the steel frames. We completely replace old plywood with brand new plywood on each frame - to ensure maximum durability and lifespan.

  • Shot-Blasting

    After removing the old plywood, we blast off all the residual concrete and paint. We blast it down to the bare steel which allows is to examine the frame for any damage or imperfections that might make the frame unusable.

  • Straightening & Welding

    We examine all rails and tabs for any cracks, warping or broken pieces. We sort out any frames that are damaged beyond repair. The frames that can be repaired are then straightened and welded and prepared for a fresh coat of paint.

  • Painting

    The newly repaired frames are dip-coated in high-quality paint in a color of your choice. The freshly painted frames are then set aside until the paint has cured.

  • Re-Plying

    After newly painted frames have cured we install the new plywood. We offer numerous plywood options. Let us know your desired type, thickness, and grade of the plywood to customize your formwork. We also offers custom modifications to standard systems. Finally, once the renovation process is complete, we ship your formwork back to you, so you can put it to work again.


Our goal is to provide your company with the safest and most economical formwork and shoring solutions that our industry can provide. Godwin Formwork Solutions will strive to be the best in service and quality control for you, the customer.

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