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Garage Beam System

The Garage Beam System (GBS) is a complete forming system. It is optimized for post-tensioned beam and slab multi-story parking structures. The Garage Beam System includes design and structural recommendations that simplify formwork and reduces overall construction costs.


Below you will see our 10k shoring system and accessories.

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Symons Garage Beam System

This one forming package is ideal for any project's cast-in-place garage forming. Each component is integrated and purpose design to optimize the forming of post-tensioned beam and slab multi-story parking structures. The GBS minimizes labor requirements, speeds positioning and setting, reduces stripping and moving time, lowers overall forming costs - all while providing an excellent concrete finish. 


Beam Form Assemblies

3/16 Steel Plate Skin

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  • Beam form assemblies up to 60' long​ 

  • Beam forms faced with 3⁄16" steel skin plate 

  • Deck panels are field-fabricated using wood “I” joists and high-density overlay (HDO) plywood

  • System includes:

    • High capacity supports

    • Column forms

    • Capital forms

    • Deck forming panels

  • Available for rental, delivery or pickup

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The Full Details

Symons Garage Beam forming system consists of long (up to 60') beam form assemblies that include high-capacity supports, column and capital forms, and deck forming panels. The Garage Beam System includes application drawings and a pour sequence schedule that makes forming operations highly productive. GBS does not require tie systems or incidental bracing. It also has drafted sides to ease stripping and produces a smooth concrete finish. Each major Garage Beam System component is optimized for maximum forming and labor productivity. Beam forms are faced with 3/16" steel skin plate for strength, durability and a high-quality concrete finish. Deck panels are field-fabricated using wood “I” joists (supplied by Symons) and high-density overlay (HDO) plywood which produces a consistent, smooth concrete finish. This one forming package is ideal for any project's cast-in-place garage forming.


Available for rental. Equipment is available to be delivered to a work site or picked up from the GFS warehouses at all of our branches. Click below to contact us.

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