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Storming the Wall with Symons Sym-ply

GFS is Helping Strengthen the Border

For over a year, GFS has been working with Ultimate Concrete to form several sections of the US border wall. Our Symons Sym-Ply forms have accommodated the wall's varying heights, increased production and allowed our team to work smoothly and efficiently.

Our Sym-Ply forms have also shown Ultimate Concrete the system's versatility and encouraged them to design additional wall sections using Sym-Ply. We look forward to continuing to use the system during the border wall project and on future client work.

Employee Spotlight

A native Texan and leader in the Dallas GFS branch, Payne Floyd enjoys taking on a challenge. He began working with GFS in March and has already excelled managing projects of any size.

“I love the complexity of each job and that none of them are the same,” Payne said. "I'm continually learning, and that knowledge helps me improve for both my clients and their projects."

Payne looks forward to expanding GFS’s presence in Texas and helping the company become a top supplier in his home state.

We Recently Completed Our 2,000th Formwork Rental Job!

More than 93% of Customers return to work with us again.

We thank our clients who trust us to finish their projects efficiently, quickly and right.

Building a Strong Relationship with Symons Sym-Ply

We use Symons Sym-Ply because it makes our work easier, faster, more adaptable and cost-effective. The systems are designed and built in the USA and are created to meet the demanding requirements of our clients' projects. From panels and fillers to brackets and other versatile components, we're proud to partner with Sym-Ply to create strong, long-lasting structures for our clients and their projects.

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