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Tilt-up is a job-site form of precast concrete construction. It involves prefabricating concrete wall sections (panels) flat on either the building floor slab or on a temporary casting slab, then lifting or tilting them up and carrying them to their final position with a mobile crane. Once they are in position, the panels are temporarily braced until they are tied into the roof and floor system and become an integral part of the completed structure.


Below you will see our Tilt Up system and accessories.


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The economic benefits of tilt-up lie in its simplicity of construction. The critical factors in this method of construction are handled in the pre-construction planning stage. Skill in laying out panel erection sequences and designing safe lifting elements which fully utilize crane time will provide for the effective and safe completion of the job.

Features and Accessories

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  • A tilt-up concrete panel is formed on the construction site, lifted into position, and braced until the structure is completed. Each panel requires anchors, connectors, inserts and lifting hardware depending on the specific design and application.

  • System includes:

    • Brace Inserts

    • Anchors

    • HGA Bracket

    • Lifter

    • SL Inserts

    • Tilt-Up Profiles

    • Pipe Braces

    • Tilt-Up Construction Adhesives

  • Brace Inserts

  • Accurately position, quickly locate and securely fasten tilt-up panel braces

    • Inverted Brace Insert
    • Double Inverted Brace Insert​

    • Double Brace Insert

    • ProLift Insert

    • Double ProLift Insert

  • Anchors​

    • Straight Leg Erection Anchor​

    • Titan HD Screw Anchor

    • Slant Anchor

    • Helical Ground Anchor

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